Founded here in Philly in 2010, our philosophy is: coffee excellence and integrity at all costs.  Our goal is to give you the best coffee experience of  your life.  We have the privilege of tasting the worlds best coffees, perfecting them, then brewing them for you the best way we know how.

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    Hand poured Coffee

    Each week we select four coffees which we prepare with perfected dose, grind, water temp and conditioning, agitation, and timing.  Our coffees are mostly sourced thorough a direct trade model - giving farmers a minimum 20% premium to current fair trade prices.  We never buy commodity coffee or coffees without source clarity.

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    We use a Synesso Hydra to brew our house espresso and a guest espresso each week


    The Cafe

    Constructed to be completely eco-friendly, our new cafe exhibits a range of relaxing, engaging, and productive atmospheres.