Affogato Days 2014

In the beginning, there was COFFEE, to erase the early morning frown. In the beginning, there was ICE CREAM, to encourage the late evening smile.

Then, people started adding cream to their coffee, and the people began to dream.

Then, somebody made some coffee Ice Cream, and the dream took its first step toward realization.

Then, the folks at Elixr Coffee googled 'ICE CREAM + COFFEE' only to discover it was, as they say, "Already a thing" . What was this mysterious substance, the "Affogato"? Ice cream, 'drowned' in espresso? Espresso and beautifully steamed milk, sure, but espresso with frozen milk? It seemed so foreign, so exotic -- what happens when you mix hot and cold? 


Elixr decided they must taste it for themselves, intrepid culinary adventurers that they are, and they immediately called their friends at Little Baby's Ice Cream:


"Will you join us?" Elixr asked.

"That depends, is it weird?" Little Baby's Ice Cream asked via reply.

"Undoubtedly." Elixr replied.

"Then we will undoubtedly like to join you, for it would be irresponsible not to do so." said Little Baby's Ice Cream.


After months of careful planning, research, tasting, and high-fives, executed with great enthusiasm, it gives us great pleasure to announce: 


Affogato Day(s) at Elixr Coffee featuring Little Baby's Ice Cream. Friday, August 15th, 2014 and Saturday, August 30th, 2014.


This year’s series of #AffogatoDays is a continuation of last summer’s collaboration.  Elixr Coffee and Little Baby’s Ice Cream team up to bring to Philadelphia two (2) days of unique and carefully curated Affogatos, each day with different pairings.


Little Baby’s Ice Cream Team first chooses a selection of seasonal Ice Creams and gives them to the Elixr Coffee Team, who creates pairings for each ice-cream with a unique espresso. In the end, two (2) pairings are chosen for each of the #AffogatoDays, each one comprised of one (1) Unique and Delicious Little Baby's Ice Creams and one (1) World-Class Espresso prepared by Elixr Coffee. Two (2) routes to the center of YOU.One dairy, one vegan, so everyone can enjoy.


Twitter: @ElixrCoffee // @LittleBabysIC



Stay tuned we will reveal pairings in the days leading up to each #AffogatoDays.  


Affogato Day(s) at Elixr Coffee featuring Little Baby's Ice Cream. Affogato is a Being...



Elixr Coffee || 207 S Sydenham Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19102

8/15 & 8/30 -- 7AM-8PM