Colombia El Mirador -- la Palma y el Tucán


Colombia El Mirador -- la Palma y el Tucán


We are pleased to release El Mirador from the Cundinamarca region of Colombia! This very special coffee is purchased through our good friends at La Palma y el tucán who oversee the processing for this farm as well as many small coffee farms throughout the country. This extraordinary micro-lot arrived at Elixr defect-free, the result of skillful growing practices, thorough experimentation, and extremely disciplined quality control standards. An intense selection process by a highly trained cherry picking team ensures only the best cherries are allowed into the wet mill. Using state of the art, sustainable technologies and fermentation tanks especially designed for micro-lot processing.
El Mirador is an incredible illustration of a "honey" processing method, also known as a semi-washed process. While the pulp is removed from the cherry, some of the mucilage is retained throughout processing, resulting in a wildly aromatic and silky coffee that exhibits flavors of limeade, carob and white peach.
Please enjoy this delicious coffee!

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ORIGIN: Colombia
PRODUCER: Diositeo Torres
FARM: El Mirador
VILLAGE: Anatoli, La Mesa
ALTITUDE: 1700 meters
WE TASTE: limeade, carob, and white peach