Ethiopia Konga


Ethiopia Konga


Preparing for the United States Coffee Roasting Championship this year, we wanted to showcase a coffee that we were proud of  and knew well. Delicious, dynamic, and accessible, this coffee hails from the Konga Washing station in Yirgacheffe Ethiopia. Over the years, this coffee has become a perennial favorite amongst our staff, as we anxiously await it's arrival each spring.

While we did not win the competition (placing 6th out of 70+ of the countries best roasters) I was extremely proud to carry this coffee to represent us as a company, as it showcases much of what I really enjoy in a coffee. Konga is a beauty. Grown at a high altitude, cherries arrive at the washing station with zero defect, processed and meticulously triple sorted.

Guaranteed to sip sweetly, this cup is so clean and balanced enough to enjoy first thing in the morning and nevertheless, extremely dynamic. Konga exemplifies the culmination of tremendous efforts throughout the entire supply chain. From small farmholder to washing station, to sorter, to my competitive roasting, and lastly, to your discerning brew, It is with great pleasure that we are able to offer this coffee to you.


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ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Kochere, Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE: 1950 Meters
VARIETAL: Heirloom
PROCESSING: Fully washed
WE TASTE: Plum, Chamomile Tea, Tootsie Roll, Demerarra Sugar.