Alto Grande

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Alto Grande


This coffee was the #5 winner in the Best of Cauca competition. We’ve been honored to participate in this amazing event for all three years that it has existed. This year over 500 farms from the surrounding region submitted their coffee to be graded. The coffees go through rounds and rounds of cuppings until finally we narrow down the top ten to be sold at a live auction. Nearly the entire town of Popoyan, Cauca came out to witness the auction and see the record breaking amounts the farmers would get for their crops. Families and friends cheered as each bid grew larger. This event rewards farmers for their hard work and can change the life of an entire family. The money received will generally be invested back into the farm for fertilizer or better processing equipment. This allows the coffee to continue to improve each year which will hopefully raise the value even more. We are excited to share this coffee with you. In the cup, you'll find notes of toffee, honey, white grape, brown butter and red wine.

Here are the stats:
Farm: Alto Grande
Producer: Didimo Velazco
Origin: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Altitude: 2300 M
Variety: Castillo and Caturra
Processing: Fully washed and sun dried
We taste: toffee, honey, white grape, brown butter and red wine

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