Win A Trip To Coffee Origin by Elixr Coffee


  1. Participate at either of the next two Philadelpha Thursday Night throwdowns either Thursday January 22 at Win Win Coffee Bar or Thursday January 28th at the New Bodhi Coffee on 10th street.

  2. Make it to the final four at either of throwdowns

  3. Win the Final TNT at Girard on Girard on Feb 19 2015

BONUS:  If you attend any of the previous 2 TNT's but DO NOT make final four, we will resurrect one competitor at random to compete on Feb 19th as if they had (made final four).

Thats right folks! contest is open to everyone, baristas, shop owners, roasters or enthusiasts alike.  All you have to do is make it to the final four in one of the next two throwdowns AND place first in the Girard throwdown on Feb 19th 2015.



Q: What exactly can I win?

A: Airfare, Lodging, Transportation and Meals on a coffee buying trip with Elixr Coffee.

Q: Will we be visiting coffee farms?

A: Of course!

Q: Will I have to share a room with any of you?

A: Of course!

Q: But I don't want to share a room

A: Sorry!

Q: Where are we going?

A: It could be Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica or even Colombia.

Q: Do I need a passport?

A: Of course!

Q: If I win, but cannot attend, can I gift the trip to someone?

A: It depends on if we like you and them

Q: When are we leaving

A: You can come on the trip this year that works best with you, but likely mid March

Q: I often disagree with judging calls in the throwdowns

A: This is not a question, and I am very sorry we have no control over this.

Q: How does the bonus work?

A:  If you attend any of the first two throwdowns but do not make final 4, we will pull a name at random from the pool of all such competitors.  If we pull your name, you will compete in the Girard Throwdown on Feb 19th as if you had qualified via final four in the previous competitions.